Stranded {Slice of Life}

Last night, our first snow graced the barren, brown earth. The whiteness beautified our surroundings. The crisp blanket delighted my heart.

Two weeks ago, my daughter successfully earned her driver’s license. Giddy would describe her spirits. Immediately she wanted to drive to school. Realizing Tim’s basketball practice was going late, I agreed to let her drive yesterday.

As the temperatures dropped and the “dusting” snow was coming down like rain, my thoughts turned to concern as darkness settled in. Would the roads be slick? Would the deer stay away? I was thankful her brother, Tim, was riding with her and the snow wasn’t sticking heavily. I texted to go slow on the main road.

Tim’s reply: “Ok. We are going sl-ow-er than you can imagine.” I chuckled. Glad she was taking it slow.

Twenty minutes later, Tim called our home phone. My heart skipped a beat. “Hi Mom. Um, we are okay but we are stranded. Well, we aren’t stranded anymore. A man stopped to jump-start our car. Don’t know what happened but the car just died while Elizabeth was driving. We are getting ready to leave so we will see you soon.”

When they arrived home, Elizabeth said, “I don’t want to ever drive again!” I stared at her waiting for the story. “Okay, but not in the snow. Do you know how scary it is to be stranded on the side of the road and it is dark and freezing out?” Breathless, she continued. “We prayed. I didn’t know what to do. We prayed hard and then, almost immediately, a man in a truck stopped. He said he was headed to the farm. He jumped the car and then followed us into town to make sure we made it home. I was so thankful!”

I am thankful too. Thankful an angel dressed in jeans and drove a truck stopped to help. Thankful Tim was there. Thankful they made it home.


P.S. “I didn’t know what to do so I prayed” rung in my ears. Dear God, than you for taking care of my children. She didn’t even call us first; she prayed. Sharing this account with a friend and wondering why they didn’t call us first, my friend said, “You think prayer might be better than you?” She’s right.

I had prayed for God to keep them safe driving home. He did just that, answered my prayer without me doing a thing. Keeping His promise of caring, protecting, guiding. I don’t know why the car died. I do know the situation produced more faith in my children. They prayed first. God divinely intervened. My heart rejoices.

I did nothing. God did everything. Faith grew!

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10 Responses to Stranded {Slice of Life}

  1. elsie says:

    You did have an angel last night. That’s the power of prayer! I’m so glad your kids made it home safely.

  2. Dana Murphy says:

    I’m thankful that angel showed up, too! Glad they made it home safe. This Slice is a nice peek into your thinking!

  3. Carol says:

    Phew! Nothing activates those prayer bones like having a teenage driver! Praise God for those angels that seem to appear at just the right time!

  4. Leigh Anne says:

    It is so hard not to worry! Thank goodness their angel was there. I can’t believe you had snow already! Not ready for that here in southern Indiana!

  5. Tara Smith says:

    It all ended happily – and there certainly was an angel there for your kids. Lucky and blessed.

  6. Linda Baie says:

    So glad it ended well. I echo Carol, nothing like a teenage ‘new’ driver to make the prayers come out. It still feels like my unpleasant part of motherhood! Happy for you, Mary Helen!

  7. macrush53 says:

    How lucky for both husband and daughter. Glad they made it home. Meanwhile, I want snow.

  8. So thankful they made it home. Very dramatic story. I could feel the suspense building. My daughter doesn’t have her license yet, I may spend the rest of my life on my knees praying.

  9. Ramona says:

    Worried about snow in NY and my daughter who has a 45 min. commute. I’ll be keeping my prayers flying long-distance this winter. So glad all turned out well for your kids, thanks to that angel in jeans and a prayer.

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