Time to Sleep

October 15, 2008

Denise Fleming has a wonderful way of incorporating craft that young children can incorporate into their writing.  Time to Sleep is one of my favorite for fall.  Denise creates a rhythm that children enjoy and can interact with.  The theme allows you to connect this book with science concepts as well:  seasons and animal habitat.  Time to Sleep creates background knowledge for kindergarten, first, and second graders.  In regards to intermediate grades, Time to Sleep can be a model for making a book about a content area concept for a younger grade.  The structure also provides a way to link one concept to the next.

Savorings in reading and for writing for Time to Sleep:

  • repeating line – each animal states at the end of the scene “But first I must tell…” and names the next animal
  • circular text – begins with the bear and ends with ladybug telling bear
  • hibernation – characteristics of fall weather are sprinkled in within the conversation.
  • alliteration (“Snail was slowly slithering ….  It is time to seal your shell and sleep.“)
  • onomatopoeia (“Scritch, scratch, scratch.”)
  • varied sentences – length and types (Turtle blinked. “Winter?”  “Yes, winter,” said Skunk.  “It is time for you to dig down deep and sleep.“)