Fall is Here!

November 7, 2008

Fall is definitely here with its falling leaves and chilly mornings.  Another sensory delight for readers is Fall is Here!  I Love It! by Elaine W. Good. 

Fall Is Here !Elaine created a set of vignettes about life on the farm told through the eyes of a young child.  She creates a tingling of sensory descriptions through sights, colors, tastes, smells, and touch.  You can connect this book with social studies, the cycle of harvest, ending with the Thanksgiving holiday.

 Savorings for reading and in writing for Fall is Here!  I Love It!:

  • Elaine Good closes each vignette with a repeating line – “Fall is here!  I love it!”
  • Specific vocabulary for the farm – corn stalks, silo, tractor
  • Vivid Verbs – snort and snuffle
  • Personification – “The leaves dance in the wind, spinning on thie toes as they fall to the ground.”
  • Close echo – “Pumpkins!  Pumpkins!  Pumpkins!”