Chicken soup? (dedicated to my bookloving friend, Tammy)

Mary Jane and Herm Auch have created a fun-loving book to read to your class, or just for a fun laugh yourself, in Souperchicken.  The dedication reads:  “For reading teachers everywhere.”  Teachers, you need a pat on the back, and this book is it!

The story begins:  “Henrietta loved to read.” Henrietta, the chicken, taught herself to read and finds that reading is very important.  Her aunts think that she is behind the times and needs to be laying more eggs.  Egg production was down on the farm, and so the farmer decides to send the hens on a vacation – all except Henrietta. 

With a fun play on words with phrases like “rice to the occasion“, “she’s cream of a chicken“, and “you’re wonton to keep her”, the Auchs have the farmers laughing and Henrietta wondering.  The aunts were ready for a relaxing time.  As they headed down the lane, Henrietta read the sign on the side of the truck:  Souper Soup Co.  Heading off to save her aunts, Henrietta helps other animals loaded ready for market.  She would then share her wisdom, “Please learn to read!  Reading can save your lives!”

After the grand rescue, Henrietta and her aunts retire to a vegetarian farmer’s farm.  Henrietta begins her new fabulous job:  a reading teacher.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Souperchicken:

  • Dialogue – the font seems to make the quotation marks very visible
  • Play on Words – “Yep, just simmer down and relax.”
  • Problem and solution – several attempts
  • Love of reading
  • Repeating line – “please learn to read

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