Libraries Around the World

The author shares that she read an article “about a camel in Kenya that was used to bring books to young people who lived in remote desert villages.”  Intrigued, Margriet Ruurs researched and learned of “mobile libraries.”  My Librarian is a Camel:  How Books are Brought to Children Around the World is a creation of the photos and stories shared.  Each two page spread shares about people who are passionate about reading and getting books to others.

The text layout shows the country’s physical map, flag, and some general information including basic language(s) spoken.  It’s very intriguing!!  I’m thankful that I can walk to our town’s library and drive to another nearby one.  Libraries bring so many opportunities to us, and I’m thankful we are blessed with them.

Mode of transportation for the books include the following:  camel, wheelbarrow, donkey and cart, elephant, book bus, bicycle, flat boat, and by mail. This book would be a great way to introduce other cultures around the world.  It can also be a way to talk about how special the school library is and the ones in our communities.

Check out Margriet Ruurs recommended books.  Many are my favorite too.

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