Christmas Eve

December 19, 2008

Eve Bunting shares a Christmas Eve story that will grab the reader’s heart.  Eve brings difficult social issues alive, wanting children to be aware of others.  I believe she wants children, and us, to focus on others, not just ourselves.

December is told through Simon, the son.  Simon and his mother live in a one-room cardboard home.  But, it’s Christmas Eve, and they are thankful.  As they begin to slumber, a knock is at their door.  An old woman stands there.  “Can I come in?” she asks.  “I’m so cold.” The story warms my heart as those with a little share.  A lesson for us all.

I envision you reading this book to your class and then discussing possible themes:  thankfulness, caring enough to share, unselfishness.  In the end, you are left wondering what really happened that night.  Did the angel, December, bless the family?  Take the conversation further.  How could looking toward others needs benefit in the classroom?  In life?  After reading this book, a cold night hasn’t passed without my heart being thankful for my warm bed and home .

Savorings for reading and in writing for December:

  • Theme8
  • Wonderings
  • Community building
  • Deeper thinking