New Year’s Resolution for 2009

January 1, 2009

I have had a wonderful holiday break.  We spent time with my husband’s family at a hotel in Indianapolis, a fun experience for us all.  I was able to have more time for baking, cleaning, and laundry (something that is never ending in our household of 6).  I was also able to have more time for games, movies, and laughter with my family.  I love having a more relaxed schedule and definitely having more time with my family!

But reality is here, and school begins soon.  I have been writing as well.  I find the process of blogging therapeutic, as I hand write about books first, pondering over words, rereading the text and searching with my writerly eyes.  Then, as I type, I often revise what I have already revised in my notebook.  I’m learning what I ask my students to do.

I have so much to learn about the craft of books,  and savoring books teaches me so much.  I need more time in the library, which I did over break as well.

So now, one new year’s resolution is to keep writing.   I look forward to hearing from you, how you have used the books and which ones inspire you.  Have a great 2009 year and savor some books!