Sticking to It

I really believe we must share with children where the authors get their inspirations for their stories.  Bobbie Dazzler is written by Margaret Wild. She observed her granddaughter as she learned gymnastics.  “The splits defeated her, however, so I wrote a story for her instead.

Many times, like this story, the story premise is based on every day happenings.  One day Bobbie, the red-necked Wallaby, enjoys doing gymnastics.  She is able to do all of the moves except for the splits.  Although her friends console her and tell her it’s okay, Bobbie is determined to master the splits.  In the end, she does with lots of effort and some help from her friends.

Our students participate in physical education and may have difficulty mastering an activity, like Bobby with the splits.  We know they often are faced with new learning – math facts, spelling words, decoding – that may be difficult to master as well.  This text teaches perseverance in a simple demonstration, sealing the comprehension of young children.

Kane/Miller Book Publishers stated,  “Wild’s text is simple and joyful, celebrating children’s small achievements and the value of friendship.”

In kindergarten, they are learning to show action in their drawings.  Janine Dawson creatively portrays Bobbie, the Wallaby, in several simple action scenes.  Action words (verbs) are stressed throughout the book.  Each illustration magnifies the simple sentence on each page, within the Australian landscape.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Bobbie Dazzler:

  • Repeating structure – Bobbie could do _____ and ______ and ______.  But she could not do the splits.
  • Action Words – balance, whirl, twirl
  • Excellent for kindergarten and first grade
  • Interweaving of story detail
  • Perseverance

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