Slice of Life 3: I’m Good At …

March 3, 2009

Slice of Life Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers

My daughter, Elizabeth, just celebrated her twelfth birthday.  She was sooo excited for her  party.  I had agreed to let her invite ten sixth grade friends to a skating party.  Where was my mind?  It was a privilege to watch her interacting with each of them.  She has a range of friends, from the jockette of the basketball team to the quiet, awkward bookworm.  Throughout the party, Elizabeth was the star.  She seemed so mature.  Where did my little girl go?

Sometimes I look at her and still see her as my little girl.  I totally connect with a TV commercial  showing a teenage girl asking her father for the car keys.  The father is visualizing his darling, pig-tailed youngster when in reality she’s old enough to drive.

This morning, Elizabeth was sitting on the coach being comforted by her cat, Kip.  She  just had her first round of spacers put on her back teeth yesterday and was in pain.  She so loves animals and is determined to be a veterinarian.   I can see her being the next James Harriet.

While getting ready, I paused for a moment and just gazed at her.  I so wanted to wrap her in my arms like I use to when she scraped her knee.  My husband was leaving for work and notice Elizabeth sitting there too, trying to get her mind off her mouth.   He smiled, “Hey Elizabeth.  I remember some little girl saying, ‘I’m good at …petting cats.‘”  That caused her to laugh and for me to snap back to reality.

Some day she might be a veterinarian.  Some day she might be a writer.  Some day she might even be famous.  But for now, I’m happy that she’s good at petting cats.  I’m happy that she’s good at being twelve.  I’m happy she’s good at being my daughter.