Slice of Life 4: The Creativity of a Young Child

Slice of Life Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers

I have been working alongside a fellow literacy coach this week.  She’s a breath of fresh air.  I love being a learner  as a teacher and sharpening my skills as coach.  Today, I learned that the creativity of a young child can sharpen me more.

My friend, Miss Hamman, reintroduced herself to a kindergartner; we’ll call him Tyler.  Tyler is reading at a high level for a kindergartner.  Our goal was to see what strategies he was using when decoding new words and where to take him next.  As my friend introduced herself, she and Tyler had a casual conversation.

The conversation lead to Tyler writing her name.  “I tell my students that you can see two words – ham and man – so it makes it easy to spell.  Can you try that?”  Tyler did and then added, “HAMMAN – super hero.”

“Super hero?  Wow.  I’ve never been called a super hero, ” Miss Hamman replied to Tyler.  I was wondering where super hero came from.  Had he been reading a Superman book?

“You know.  You’re a super hero –  Ham Man – a man who shoots out ham,” Tyler matter-a-factly stated.  He then proceeded to make motions with his hands as an imaginary weapon shooting out hams.

It took me a moment to process what he had just said.  Ham Man.  A man who shoots out ham – who would have thought that?  Only a young child full of creativity and in a supportive learning environment.  An environment that promotes risk-taking and thinking beyond the literal.  An environment that applauds creativity.  A classroom.


8 Responses to Slice of Life 4: The Creativity of a Young Child

  1. girlgriot says:

    I have to admit that my mind went right to superheroes the moment I read “Ham Man.” That may be because I was just writing a title that sounded like a super hero name, or it could be because I can’t wait for Watchmen to open … or maybe sometimes my brain just works like a kid’s brain!

    I love that he said that, that it the idea of hands shooting out hams didn’t faze him for a second. Oh, but of course Ham Man would shoot out hams!

    Too cute.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Ditto GirlGriot’s comments.

    While the stuff my students come up with certainly makes me wonder what they are thinking, obviously this wonderful moment with a kindergartner makes me jealous. No eye-rolling moments here!

    Thanks for the post–

  3. nani says:

    I love kindergartners soooooo much. They really do say the darndest things.

  4. Ruth says:

    Shoot, MHG — I’m totally making a fool of myself here in a public space, cracking up OUT LOUD! Your post is really funny. I needed a good chuckle! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. literacyspark says:

    Who is side kick? Mash Potato Girl? I think there’s a whole story wrapped up in this slice of life. I love it!

  6. Stacey says:

    Ah, so you and Ruth work together?

  7. Kathy says:

    Only from the very young. Don’t you just love them!!!

  8. thereadingzone says:

    Haha! Too cute!!

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