Slice of Life 6: Substitute

March 6, 2009

Slice of Life Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers

Today I subbed in Mrs. B’s class again, administering the ISTEP.  I’m so thankful I’m with kids I have a relationship with.  Being a literacy coach in the same school for six years, I’ve had the privilege of watching them grow over the years.  Oh, trust me, I’m not every students’ favorite teacher but at least we connect.

Carl Anderson talks about conferencing as “having a conversation” with a child.  I like that.  I like listening to their thoughts and building on their strengths.  I like the workshop approach.   The workshop approach supports community, connecting, and caring.

And caring leads to the poem I found this week for Poetry Friday.  My son’s teacher introduced it to me.  Tim brought a packet of four poems from the same book.  Each kid has to memorize one for a class performance later this month.

I think the poem fits for school, especially my situation today.  The selection is from a collection of poems by Norah Smaridge, taken from her book School is Not a Missile Range.  The poem is entitled “Be Nice!”  The poem highlights acting appropriately with a substitute.  It’s definitely a bucket filling gesture.  Here are the first two lines:

If there’s a substitute today

Please see she has a happy stay.