Slice of Life 9: Small Group Reunion

March 9, 2009

Slice of Life Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers

Saturday night was an awesome reunion with some friends we had not seen in 10 years.  My husband and I could not believe it.  We use to attend a small group of couples our age.  Wesley was 3 years old at the time.  I remember getting ready to announce that we were pregnant with Elizabeth, when at the same meeting, our friends announced their pregnancy.   Everyone was doubly surprised.   Our girls were born 3 weeks apart and last saw each other when they were crawling.  They ended up moving to Iowa.  Another couple moved to New York.  Another to Elkhart.

Anyway, we were together and had one of the best times in years.  We laughed and shared stories like it was yesterday.  I’m thankful for memories.  And…I’m looking forward to the next reunion.  Friendships are too important to not take time for.  It builds my character.  It adds meaning to life.