Slice of Life 11: Writer’s Block

March 11, 2009

Slice of Life Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers

I have been thinking of different things to write about and for some reason my mind keeps popping up with blank ideas.  Well, not blank ideas.  Just ideas I think don’t others will want to read.  Or, I think the idea might be insignificant.  Or, I’m not sure how to form the words for what I want to say.

Then I began to think of the students I have worked with.  Sometimes they sit in class and say, “I don’t have any ideas.”  You know what – I believe them.  I mean, I don’t believe they don’t have ideas.  I believe that they are evaluating their ideas like I was above and not giving the ideas a chance to bloom.

You know what I did?  I began to read others blog entries for today.  Each one gave me an idea.  I admired the writing and then noticed ways the words were creatively shared.  It made sense to read others works in order to spur an idea for me.

Now, I have listed in my notebook some possible ideas to capture.  I must not let the little voice in my head say, “That’s not worthy of writing.”  Instead I must let the cheerleader’s voice say, “Go for it.  Try it.”  Once again, this writing challenge is helping me to get a better glimpse into how I am a writer.