Slice of Life 11: Writer’s Block

Slice of Life Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers

I have been thinking of different things to write about and for some reason my mind keeps popping up with blank ideas.  Well, not blank ideas.  Just ideas I think don’t others will want to read.  Or, I think the idea might be insignificant.  Or, I’m not sure how to form the words for what I want to say.

Then I began to think of the students I have worked with.  Sometimes they sit in class and say, “I don’t have any ideas.”  You know what – I believe them.  I mean, I don’t believe they don’t have ideas.  I believe that they are evaluating their ideas like I was above and not giving the ideas a chance to bloom.

You know what I did?  I began to read others blog entries for today.  Each one gave me an idea.  I admired the writing and then noticed ways the words were creatively shared.  It made sense to read others works in order to spur an idea for me.

Now, I have listed in my notebook some possible ideas to capture.  I must not let the little voice in my head say, “That’s not worthy of writing.”  Instead I must let the cheerleader’s voice say, “Go for it.  Try it.”  Once again, this writing challenge is helping me to get a better glimpse into how I am a writer.


One Response to Slice of Life 11: Writer’s Block

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh, I can really relate to this! I think this is one of the important things we learn when we are writing with out students. Now we know they are telling the truth when they don’t have anything to write about! I spend the whole first month of school helping them get some things in place so that if they don’t know what to write about they know where to go for some ideas.

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