Slice of Life 16: Being Needed

Slice of Life Challenge Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

I have enjoyed a wonderful conference here in Michigan.  I enjoyed my room, my friends, and not cooking.  I especially loved learning!  I have many insights to share with my teachers when I return to school tomorrow.

But I’m ready to return home.  I believe my family is ready for me to be home.  It’s nice to be needed.  My husband has done a wonderful job keeping up with the three kids and their activities plus meals these past four days.  I can tell, though, that I’m needed.  Elizabeth asked last night when I was returning today and reminded me that she had CWA after school.  Wesley called two hours after I had finished talking with everyone wondering when I was returning today and could I remember where his baseball red belt was.  As I gave him instructions over the phone, he finally found the belt (in the first place I told him to look).  My husband called this morning and asked what time school began.  Timothy couldn’t remember. (He rides to school with me each morning and stays in my room until the bell rings.  Go figure he couldn’t remember the exact time school started.)  My husband ended the conversation asking when I would be home today.  I believe I heard relief in his voice.  Oh to be needed.  I’m glad.  That’s what makes a family.

3 Responses to Slice of Life 16: Being Needed

  1. Kimberly says:

    It is wonderful to be needed! Hopefully you will share some of your insights from the conference in a future slice.

  2. Kathy says:

    Can’t wait to hear what you all learned. We take off Thursday morning for NYC. We will share!!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    It’s interesting the shifting of the gears that takes place in the heart, isn’t it? One shift happens at lift-off, when you are excited to escape the routine and get learning and seeing new things. And the other shifting happens as your heart returns to those who you love and who love you–as witnessed by their multiple questions of you today.

    Great post–

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