Slice of Life 17: Disappointment

March 17, 2009

Slice of Life Challenge Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

I’m listening to my husband trying to cheer our oldest son.  Wes loves baseball!  I can remember as a little 3 year old saying, “Play ball, Mommy.  Play ball.”  Any chance he can get to play the game, he will.  Even in sixth grade, when Wes began wrestling, he told the coach, “Just want to let you know that I am wrestling just to stay in shape for baseball.”   Now, he’s saying, “I want to play ball, Dad.  I want to be on varsity.”

He just found out today that he will be playing JV and suiting up for some games in Varsity.  Now, for the average person and some of his friends, making JV is fine.  But for Wes, it’s a let done.  He wants to be with the best and do his best and play the best.  My husband and I know that he will make Varsity during his high school career if he keeps working hard.  He just has to keep focused and positive.  Such a hard lesson to learn.

I remember being disappointed not making the position that I thought I should.  What I do remember is that through the disappointment, I grew.  I grew and it made me better.  My wish is that Wes will grow through this situation too.

(I’m proud of you, son.  You CAN do it!)