Slice of Life 19: Sharing my Work

March 19, 2009

Slice of Life Challenge Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Today, I worked in a class that I have not visited in a while.  The teacher had mentioned that the students seemed to be stuck on not having ideas to write about.  By now I would assume that the students would have some topics to write about, but after my writer’s block I had recently, I believe them.

I showed the kids my blog and read the Writer’s Block blog.  I think the boys in the class were surprised.  I mean, I’m the literacy coach that should know how to do that.  I’m the adult.  But, I realized that the little voice in my head was evaluating too much and not allowing any chance for some writing at the time.

So we sat together with our notebooks and began some directed idea work.  I had them draw a heart as Georgia Heard has shared and write topics that mean a lot to them.  After a few minutes and some restlessness, I decided to give them some broad topics – like people, activities, etc.  When I said “pets” a ripple effect started with little comments.  I jumped at the opportunity and had the kids turn and share.  They did.  I noticed each was saying something or was engaged in listening.

I don’t know if the kids would have been able to come up with ideas without sharing my writing.  What I do know is the look of surprise the kids had when I said that even I had trouble with ideas.  I became an equal with them as a writer.  I’m anxious to see what will happen tomorrow.  I’m expecting some peaks into their writerly lives.