Slice of Life 21: Saturday

March 21, 2009

Snuggling in for a few more minutes of sleep

Chauffeur Wes to baseball practice

Squeeze in exercise on the tread mill

Cheerleader from the sidelines at Tim’s basketball game

Create Chef’s pleasure of macaroni and cheese

Switch laundry loads – hanging up clothes so not to wrinkle

Rake piles of left-over fall leaves

Bag and pile, rake, bag and pile some more

Grocery shop for fresh veggies and preparations for tomorrow’s dinner

Unload items into the refrig and freezer

Race to the library for new books and some videos

Return to crash on the couch for a few moments of snooze

Time to rake some more

Beautiful day, “May I ride my bike, Mom?”

Off they go

Full day

Thankful for all I have.