Dream of Flying

Do you remember having a wagon that sparked your imagination?  Mine was red.  I remember sitting in it and pretending to fly like Amelia Earhart.  Or, the wagon would become a limo and I was the movie star waving at her fans.  The wagon carried my dog as we went on adventures.  Spark any memories now? 

Friday my Radio Flyer Flew was a book that caught my eye.  On the front cover, a boy is sitting in his red wagon with flying goggles on, sailing through the air.  Zachary Pullen created an excellent text about a boy who lets his imagination go.  He pulls the reader in and gives him/her a glimpse into the child’s creativity.  The large zoomed-in illustrations capture your eye.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Friday my Radio Flyer Flew:

  • Transitions – One Saturday, Then on Monday, Finally
  • Alliteration
  • Snapshot of an event each day
  • Sequencing the days of the week
  • Ellipse – connects the events of one page to the next
  • Specific Verbs – motivated, tinkered

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