Storm is Coming

Heather Tekavec creates a fun story based on point of view in Storm is Coming.  The title page illustration, by Margaret Spengler, gives a foreshadowing of a thunderstorm approaching. 

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The farmer begins, “Storm is coming.  We better get the animals safely in the barn!”  Once the animals were in the barn, the cat awakens and asks, “Who is Storm?” 

Speculation begins between the animals.  Who is Storm?  Each animal shares some terrible attribute they think the animal might be.  As the weather becomes bleak, the animals are ironically encouraged.  They believe “Storm” will be driven away.

“The wind will blow Storm away.”

“The rain will wash away our tracks, so Storm can’t follow us.”

In the end, “Storm” never arrives and the animals cheer. 

Savorings for reading and in writing for Storm is Coming:

  • Show don’t Tell – “The cows just lay in the corner and moaned.”
  • Tag on Said – “Round ’em up!” the farmer called as Dog ran circles around the sheep.
  • Past and Present Verbs – “The barking, the flapping, the bleating, the mooing awoke cat from her nap in the hay.  She stretched and yawned and opened one eye.”
  • Magic of 3
  • Character Emotion – “And he must be-e-e very sca-a-a-ry!” the sheep stammered, starting to shiver.”

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