Watermelon Fun

Excellent text for boys!

When I think of a cool, refreshing snack in summer, watermelon comes to mind.  As a kid, I was always annoyed with the black seeds that pelted the delicious fruit.  Yet, it was always fun to spit them out.  At the dinner table, I had to be more proper, placing the seeds in a little pile on my plate.

When I saw the cover of Peter Spit a Seed at Sue, John Manders‘s illustrations invited a read.  What fun!

Peter Spit a Seed at Sue

Jackie French Koller created a playful tale of four friends, two boys and two girls,  being bored on a summer’s day.  Spitting watermelon seeds becomes the fun that spins into a great adventure.

Thinking of children, I think they would connect with this story.  Many will say they have encountered boring days.  I love the way that Jackie Koller has taken an every day happening and spun some fun into it.  Our students can do the same.  As a read aloud, you will invited laughter from your children.  Have fun remembering!

Savorings for reading and in writing for Peter Spit a Seed at Sue:

  • Verbs – chomped, slurped, gulped, burped
  • Alliteration – “You pepper Pet!  I’ll splatter Sue!”
  • Apostrophe for not so familiar contractions- zippin’, zingin’, let ’em fly!
  • Mischievous – reminds me of what a boy (my boys) might do;

I turned and grinned at Mary Lou.  How could we help but join in, too?

  • Humorous – hilarious illustrations; boisterous read

Susie spit one back at Pete,

Which struck and stuck right on his seat.

(Warsaw Community Public Library)


2 Responses to Watermelon Fun

  1. Dollie Evans says:

    This sounds like a great book-I can so see children writing about their antics after being inspired. I’ve added it to my Amazon cart.I am so glad to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the rest of us.

  2. Andrea Komorowski says:

    Mary Helen,
    I found your website for the first time thanks to the “Two Writing Teachers” blog. I am going into my second year of teaching language arts to gender-based classes. I was thrilled to read about Pete and his seed spitting. I definitely will look into that book for my boys classes!
    Many thanks for your insights!

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