A Very Loud Kid

July 6, 2009

Can you picture a child that always seems to talk at a high level rather than a quiet inside voice?  Tess Weaver created a fun book about a boy who is just too loud in Frederick Finch, Loudmouth.  He  wants to be quiet, but his voice brings him attention that he does not desire.  His family seems to be able to achieve a blue ribbon at the state fair, which he has not achieved. 

Debbie Tilley illustrates the story at the state fair that will draw the reader’s attention in.  She illustrated the book, Hey, Little Ant

Savorings for reading and in writing for Frederick Finch, Loudmouth:

  • Setting – state fair
  • Message – “Be your self!”; persistence – keep trying with a great attitude
  • male character – Frederick, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Font Manipulation and Punctuation – accented to create the ‘sound’ of yelling
  • Clauses – “Some nights, Frederick was so tuckered out from hall his effort, he fell asleep just climbing into bed.”