Much Needed Vacation

July 29, 2009

Will Return on August 4

Hello Readers,

I have been so motivated to write this past month due to you, the reader.  Many of you have been introduced to Book Savors through TwoWritingTeachers.  I thank my friend, Ruth, for believing in me and being a great sound board for our teaching.

My family is headed to Ohio for a much needed vacation.  We leave today,Wed. and will be gone until next Monday.  At that time, school will be beginning for me.  I will be reading and writing about wonderful books while vacationing (I cannot go anywhere without some), but I will not be entering any blogs until August 4.  Check back with Book Savors then.  I look forward to hearing how you have been inspired by any of the texts and how you will be using them within the classroom.  Happy Reading!

Until August 4,