Hello School Year

August 11 and the new year has begun.  Tomorrow the students will be entering the school doors full of energy.

Today, I was asked for several books to help begin the year.  As I have rearranged some of my books, I had to search a little for some of the books.  I made a mental note to share an idea.  Earlier in July, I shared about copying the cover of a book and placing it in your file – with the location of the book for reference.  Today, I was reminded that sometimes you need to make several copies of the book cover.

For example, one book was The Night Before KindergartenThe Night Before KindergartenFirst I went to my cumulative tale section of books.  Not there.  I proceeded to my pattern book section.  Not there.  Easy reader section.  Not there.  School books section.  Not there.  Then, I remembered that Natasha Wing was the author and checked in my authors file drawer.  Not there.  By this time, I’m trying to rack my brain as to where the book could be.  Nothing is more frustrating that knowing you have the book and then not locating it.

After a prayer and a sigh, I decided to check my writing file drawer and see if I might have placed it in a folder labeled “Night Before” books, as Natasha Wing has written several.  Sure enough.  There was the book.  Along with the book was the cover of several other books that were in different files (i.e.  Night Before Valentine’s Day is in the February folder).   Although I do not teach lessons on how-to-make a “Night Before” book, I decided to put the folder there because it was a frame of reference.

I share this experience to remind you that as you begin the school year, remember to make several copies.  We have so many components to keep track of in our day.  Placing the book in the bin that you think for sure you’ll remember – may work today but not necessarily tomorrow.  So… make extra copies of the cover and place it in several files.  I even went and placed the copied cover in the bin with the books that I might think it should be in.  Having the reference will definitely help save you time in the future!

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