A Car’s Life

I enjoy learning how the authors are inspired to write their books.  I often will share that information with my students to show them different ways ideas spark.  Often the authors gather ideas from everyday happenings.  The author, Susan Steggall,  shares on her book jacket that “her boys, and their fascination with vehicles of all kinds, inspire her work.”  Young children could definitely connect with the book, The Life of a Car.

Life of a Car


Each two page layout illustrates the scene with bold, classic colors.  The text is simple – a three word sentence.  Young writers will relate and feel as if they can write like the author, Susan.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Life of a Car:

  • Circular text – “Recycle the car.  Then start again and build a new one!
  • Vocabulary – write with specific verbs
  • Sequence of Events
  • Voice – “CRASH!  Uh-oh….”
  • Illustrations extend the story
  • Informational – a great mentor text for All About Books
  • Schema – When discussing reading strategies, talk to children about everyday activities.  This text connects nonfiction into the world of schema.

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