Steve Jenkins

August 24, 2009

Steve Jenkins brings nonfiction concepts to life.  He often uses cut-paper collages to create his illustrations.  His author/illustrator’s fingerprint is the life-size pictures.  Steve often focuses in on some particular feature that captures a child’s curiosity.  I’m curious. Looking Down

I just found the book  Looking Down(1995).  It is a wordless book that space and map skills.  I love the way he zooms in starting from outer space.  The reader begins on an asteroid or rock looking at the moon and earth – both small in back ground.  The next page, the reader is on the moon, looking at the earth.  As you continue to turn each page, the focus zooms in on a smaller section of the page before.  On the back of the book, Steve states that the map is not of a real town but resembles one that would be on the East Coast between Maryland and South Carolina. 

I think this book would be a good background book for any age, high school included, when studying geography.  As a teacher, this books brings an airplane experience to life.  The book ends with a child looking through a magnifying glass at a ladybug.  It brings new meaning to observation of our world.

(PES Library)