“I’m Bad” Dinosaur

Kateand Jim McMullan have collaborated in their new book, I’m Bad.  They share an informational narrative through the voice of a dinosaur.  Oh, no any dinosaur – a “I’m REALLY bad” dinosaur, “scare-the-tails-off-all-the-other-dinosaurs BAD.”  I love the voice that comes through this book; so will your kids!  I'm Bad!The dinosaur explains his physical features and appetite desires.  The large illustrations give you a feel like you are watching a movie. 

I was totally surprised when the dino isn’t able to capture his food.  The design of the page is a lift up, to which you discover Mom.  The dino who has been talking to you, the reader, is just a toddler dinosaur who is learning to hunt.

I cracked up at the scene of mom’s kill being dropped for her offspring.  “Awright–  takeout!!”   Can’t you hear a kid say that?

Savorings for reading and in writing for I’m Bad:

  • Persuasive – sharing all the ways the dino is bad
  • Hyphenated words – “triple-digit, kick-a-whomper STOMPERS
  • Surprise ending – the dino is just a toddler
  • Voice – speaks to the reader

Did you just call me BABY ARMS?  Long as yours, pal–

20 times stronger.

Think about it….  Are you BIG?”

(Warsaw Public Library)

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