Cowboy and Octopus

Boy readers will love Cowboy & Octopus.  I read the book to a fourth grade class, and we were all laughing.  The humor reaches in and tickles your funny bone. 

Cowboy and OctopusJon Scieszka creates a tale of friendship between two odd characters – an octopus and a cowboy.  The book does not share how the idea sparked in Jon’s brain, but the end papers give the reader a clue.  Savoring a book requires some inquiry, asking questions to develop insight.

Jon Scieszka uses the book’s humor as an in road to discussing how to be a friend.  Each character, Octopus and Cowboy, definitely have their differences, and their likes.  Yet, they appreciate each other and share their honesty too.

We are friends,” says Cowboy.  “And that’s why I am telling you – your new hat looks like something my horse dropped behind him.  ‘Cause that’s the truth.”

Savorings for reading and in writing for Cowboy & Octopus:

  • Realistic conversation – “Sounds loco to me,” says Cowboy.  “But okay.”
  • Interweaving of Detail – Cowboy decides to surprise Octopus and make him dinner.  Octopus is definitely surprised.  “Heavens,” says Octopus.  “What is this?”
  • Ellipse – “Wow,” says Octopus.  “That is really… um … different.  Do you like my new hat?”
  • Chapter Titles – scenes that highlight their friendship
  • Humor –
  • Rereading – you must reread sections to catch all of the humor (knock, knock joke)

excellent Boy Read!

PES library and Warsaw Public Library


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