Personality in a Pick-Up

Have you ever noticed that pick-up trucks can have a personality?  You have the big-wheeled monster trucks, the well-worn farm trucks, the look-at-me shiny trucks.  My favorite is the old time pick-up trucks.  The hood seems to smile at you.

The image Jill McElmurry illustrates in the book, Little Blue Truck, is a neighborly-type truck.  Alice Schertle creates a friendly character in Little Blue Truck.  He ‘beeps’ at all the farm animals.  The animals canter a friendly ‘hello’ to the truck.  You can feel the gentleness of the pick-up as he enjoys the sunny day.

Along comes a HUGE dump truck with a big, bad attitude.  He is on a mission that requires speed, and he bolts right past the animals.  Little Blue Truck beeps a friendly ‘hello’ and receives a rude brush off from the big vehicle.   His haste causes him to land smack in the middle of the mud.  Even he, the HUGE dump truck cannot wheel his way out of the situation.  The animals just ignore the dump truck’s call for help.  Rudeness was not welcomed.

Only Little Blue Truck comes to the aid of the brute truck.  Only trouble arises – Blue Truck gets stuck too.  As Little Blue Truck beeps for help, a change begins to transform the Dump Truck.  He realizes that even though he’s big, he’s not without fault.  All the animal friends come to Little Blue and both trucks are rescued.

Now I see

a lot depends

on a helping hand

from a few good friends!

Savorings for reading and in writing for Little Blue Truck:

  • Aside – “but nobody heard (or nobody cared)
  • Ellipse – All together – one… two… three!
  • Character change – this book is a simple example for younger children to see that characters change in a story
  • Repeating Line – “Beep,” went the Little Blue Truck.
  • Teamwork

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