Electron Microscopes

October 16, 2009

When our family visited the Science Center in Cleveland, OH this past summer, I stumbled upon a book in the gift shop.  The book was called Blood & Gore, Like You’ve Never Seen! by Vicki Cobb.  The cover’s illustration caught my eye:  magnified blood cells.  Since I have been keeping my eyes open for books that might grab boys’ attention, I thought the title itself made the book a keeper.

Vicki Cobb brings nonfiction alive.  The large, vivid photographs are intriguing.  I don’t particularly enjoy science, but I have enjoyed perusing this book.  The illustrations support the definition by giving the reader a real visualization of the explanation.  This book would be a great for helping build background knowledge.
I noticed that the copyright of the book is 1997.  This book is not a new one and going to Vicki Cobb’s website, I found a great resource.  Vicki has several short (one to two minute) videos that demonstrate great science concepts.
Savorings for reading and in writing for Blood & Gore, Like You’ve Never Seen!:
  • Nonfiction – bringing science to life
  • Visualization – magnified photos (red blood cell is magnified more than nine million times its actual size)
  • Vocabulary – bolded and represented visually
  • Index
  • Checking Comprehension – great text to use as each section is short