Splat the Cat

Rob Scotton has created a tale about an everyday happening – going to school.  Splat is a cat in the tale Splat the Cat.  It’s the first day of cat school for splat.  He’s worried.  You are invited as a reader to climb into the character’s mind.  The author italicized Splat’s thinking.  On one of the pages, you can see the contrast between dialogue and thinking.  The text has fewer sentences on the page, so your students can see the examples clearly.

Rob Scotton’s illustrations are fun and cozy.  I feel like I’m in the room with the cats.  Splat is unusual in that he has a mouse as his pet.  When he goes to school, he learns what a good cat does.  One rule is that cats chase mice.  Splat wonders why and questions his teacher.  She doesn’t have a sturdy answer, so through Splat’s power of persuasion, the class decides that they do not have to chase mice.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Splat the Cat:

  • Alliteration – wiggled wildly with worry
  • Character Thinking – italicize wording
  • Everyday Happening – nervous about going to school and doing something new
  • Wondering – Splat asks the teacher questions and wants a valid answer besides “because”.
  • Bookending the Story – “Today was his second day at Cat School, and his tail wiggled wildly… with excitement.”
  • Character Twist – a cat has a mouse as a friend
  • Inferring – The illustrations add more emotion and understanding to the text.  The children will need to pay attention to Splat’s actions.

PES Library book and Warsaw Public Libray

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