Pumpkin Eye

Denise Fleming introduces Halloween and its activities in Pumpkin Eye.  The text is written with short phrases that rhyme.  The words are so beautifully placed.  I marvel at the way Denise creates some frolicking fun and entices an eerie mood.  Much thought was put into the placement of the individual words.  Several authors I’ve heard speak share how each word counts within a shortened text.  I wonder how long it took Denise to create this rhythmic rhyme.

At first, I thought this book was mainly for younger grades.  but just as I have spent time examing this text, upper grade students could do so as well.   Word play, placement of words, is an activity to study and contemplate with our students.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Pumpkin Eye:

  • Repeating phrase – “Trick or Treat  ____ Pounding feet, jack-o’-lanterns line the street
  • Sensory detail – sight, sounds, feeling; swooping bats, hissing cats… (I find it interesting words ending in ‘ed’ or’ ing’ are not just verbs as I was taught, but they can be adjectives too.)
  • Parts of Speech – with short phrases, you can examine and categorize them:  verbs, nouns, adjectives,
  • Verbs vs. Adjectives – pounding feet or feet pounding
  • Rhyming  – excellent for a poetry study


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