A Thanksgiving Comedy

Lisa Wheeler has created a fun Thanksgiving comedy in her book, Turk and Runt.  Turk is a grand turkey, “the biggest, strongest, and most graceful bird on Wishbone Farm.”  Turk’s parents have big aspirations for him.  Turk is his mother’s dancer and his father’s football player.  The family does not notice the Thanksgiving clues, except for Runt.  Runt knows that his brother will be chosen for someone’s feast – “But no one ever listened to Runt.”

When Madame Waddelle and Coach giblet come to Wishbone Farm, Turk’s parents believe Turk finally has his big chance.  Turk performs brilliantly and becomes the pick for their dinner.  runt is keen and springs into action, coughing and wheezing uncontrollably.  Turk is saved, as the customers flee.  Still no one realizes that Runt has saved Turk once again.
In the end, when Runt is chosen for someone’s feast, Turk realizes that Runt has been right all along.  He springs into action and saves his little brother.   Enjoy read aloud.
Savorings for reading and in writing for Turk and Runt:
  • Voice – “Look at zee size of zose drumsticks!”
  • Illustrations – character feelings are shown through the turkey characters’ faces
  • Inference
  • Repeating Structure – father praises Turk; mother praises Turk’ runt gives a warning that no one pays attention to
  • Passage of Time
  • Humor – “He’s a goner, ” said his brother, Runt.
  • Surprise Ending – “Over my feathered body!” Runt said.  “We’re not plucked yet.  I have a grade-A-plan!

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