Dr. Seuss Day


Today, Dr. Seuss Day means laughter, closeness, and moments together. 

“Let’s read the Foot Book, Mommy!”  My now sixteen year old son use to ask me to read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss every night.  Ohhhh, I couldn’t just read the book once.  No,I had to read it over and over and over.  Every time we would chant, ‘left foot, left foot, left foot, right’, I would raise his foot up.  He would giggle.  I loved every minute of it!

When my now thirteen year old daughter was born, my son would say, “Let’s read the Foot Book to her, Mommy” and we would.  He would lift her feet as we would read the delightful rhyme over and over.   He began to read.  Reading time was fun.  But more importantly, our learning grew together.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!  Happy Birthday to my memories!

2 Responses to Dr. Seuss Day

  1. Beth Rogers says:

    Those are the sweet memories aren’t they? How time flies! Now I get to have those sweet experiences with my students. Every day is such a gift isn’t it?

  2. Kari Dyer says:

    I love this post! Like songs, books bring back such wonderful memories.

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