Slice of Life: An Addiction

March 6, 2010

On our errands today, my daughter, husband,  and I stopped by the local Goodwill Store.  I love 50% off day!  My husband, Rick, and my daughter, Elizabeth, know that I have an addiction.  Yes, I have an addiction to books, specifically children’s books.  My favorite place to purchase books is our Goodwill Store.  Books are seventy-five cents for paperback and two dollars for hardback.  Take an extra fifty percent off, and wha-la, I have  a bargain.

Books are awesome treasures!  I love to find a book that interests a child.  I want to open his/her world to so many possibilities.  I want each to love reading.  having a variety of books at my disposal provides more possibilities for my students.  And yes, the library is a place to connect children with books.  I’m just thankful for Goodwill’s fifty percent off days.  I’m addicted to getting books into children’s hands.

I began my dedicated search for great reads, book by book.  (I have been known to have so many in my cart that I have to become choosy and place some back.  For our budget sake, I have a limit.)  Today I was blessed with some excellent nonfiction books, large photographs with easier text.  I also found a copy of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff.  Spider Boy by Ralph Fletcher was another great pick.

My husband looked through the adult books and found a Tom Clancey read.  As he met me at the check out, he added his book to my pile, chuckling.  “MaryHelen, I think your book collection rivals the Warsaw Public Library children’s section.”

I smiled and shook my head, “No, I don’t have that many.”

…yet :).