Slice of Life: An Ordinary Day

March 9, 2010

“How was your day?” my husband asked when he picked me up from school.

“Fine.  Nothing out of the ordinary,” I replied.

sols2Today, I conferenced with first and second graders.  I found some biographies for a third grade teacher and showed some craft in the writing.  At lunch, I dined with two third grade girls, who are more reluctant to write but have stories buried inside that were spoken with the word.  I also planned with two fifth grade teachers, suggesting some mentor texts to support the concept.  Matt left a note on my desk while I was gone that said, “I want a book.”  I checked in with him and observed some book sharing.  I answered numerous emails and scheduled some more classroom visits, plus planning sessions.  I gathered some Jan Brett books and shared my author study unit with a first grade teacher.  Oh, I helped a fourth grade teacher with differentiating some reading lessons for her classroom (and for a college assignment).  A student teacher stopped in and asked for a book to use with Junior Achievement, since the JA professional wasn’t coming in.  I emailed our librarian for some nonfiction texts for next weeks All About Book unit of study in second grade.  My day ended with meeting with four other teachers to discuss a Guided Reading Plus group to support struggling readers.

Yes, today was an ordinary day.  I shared many resources, collaborated across grade levels, and supported individual teachers.  I focused on struggling readers, helped plan differentiated units, and conferenced with students.  I listened. I engaged. I loved.  Yes, today was an ordinary day … for a literacy coach like me.