Slice of Life: Charlie Brown

Today I pulled out my notebook to write something down.  My niece said, “Oh how cute.  Snoopy.”

I replied, “I love Charlie Brown and the gang.”

When I was a little girl, I use to think that I was related to Charlie Brown.  You see, my last name was Brown.  Charlie had the same last name as me.  We had to be related.  Beside, I had a dog and so did Charlie Brown.  I always felt sorry for Charlie Brown.  Why did Lucy always have to pick on him?  Linus was such a true friend, and Snoopy was adventurous.  I still love reading the Peanuts Comic strip.

Someone finally told me about a guy named Charles Shultz.  They said that he had created the Peanut Comic Strip.  I thought for a moment and then replied, “What does he have to do with Charlie Brown?”  I really believed that Charlie Brown was a real person.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy grace my room as a special memory that lives on.  I laugh remembering the innocence of my childhood.


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