Slice of Life: Organizing My Week

March 14, 2010

Sunday afternoons, I love to sneak a short nap.  It’s the only time during the week that I do not feel guilty napping.  Being a gray and rainy day,  I was snuggled under the covers.  I had a long day yesterday, traveling to Holland, OH, and back, and then  up early this morning.  My body was ready for the relaxation.

Somehow my brain did not get the message my body was sending.  I began to think of one task and then another, and oh ya, don’t forget to do that.  Why is it that my brain has to go through a checklist of the weeks activity before I could rest?

I finally pulled a pad of paper from the drawer and began to write down a quick “to do” outline of the weeks activities.   I guess like the weekly nap, my brain is use to having the weekly tasks organized.  After the jots, I was able to finally shut my thoughts off and relax.

Now, I’m fully awake, taking the list and transferring the details onto the family calendar.  I know the week will run smoother, and the family will be on the same page.  Hopefully, the week that is organized will sun smoother.