Slice of Life: Trust for Reflection

March 15, 2010

Today I was able to meet with several literacy coaches within our consortium.  I have the privilege of riding with a fellow lsols2literacy coach, but more importantly my friend.  I love sharing and reflecting with R.  She is insightful and thinks deeply about teaching reading and writing.  She makes me see another perspective and challenges my teaching.  We swap stories about coaching and brainstorm ways to collaborate.  We also swap stories about our family and give encouragement as mothers.

I appreciate the respect we give each other.  Our level of trust is high.  I can share my thoughts about coaching, knowing that I will get an honest answer.  Sometimes no answer is needed; just a listening ear.  R has helped me to be a better coach, a better teacher.  I need to reflect verbally with someone, someone I trust.

“Thanks for the rides, R.  You are the best!”