Slice of Life: Sunshine


This afternoon, I was surprised to see the sunshine pouring out and warming the day.  Snippet of thoughts  kept bouncing in my mind.  So, while I was cooking some hamburger, I sat down and jotted my thoughts.

Spring Sunshine

Tree limbs budding

Crocuses sprouting

Grass greening

I meditate.

Mood brightening

Energy renewing

Sunshine rays absorbing

I breathe.

Yellow brilliance shining

Golden rays gracing

Warm air refreshing.

I awake.

Bike ride inviting

My step quickening

Eyes alertly looking

I skip.

Birds chirping

Cats pouncing

Mosquitoes annoying

I laugh.

Spring day is dawning

Winter is slipping

Daylight lingering.

I smile.

One Response to Slice of Life: Sunshine

  1. Cherylann says:

    Beautiful. Nostalgic

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