Slice of Life: From a Toddler to a Sixteen Year Old

March 17, 2010

Watching my six-foot two, sixteen year old son, I wonder, “How did this happen?”  I mean, “Where did the time go?”  I totally connect with the insurance commercial that shows the perspective of the parent with their teen.

A little girl appears asking her dad for the car keys.  The father stares at her and asks where she is headed.  The little girl answers in a sweetly innocent voice.  The dialogue continues with the little girl and her father until the car keys are handed over.  Out of nowhere, a sixteen-year old young lady appears.

Watching my son in competition today, I keep seeing flashbacks of my three-year old son saying, “Park, Mommy.  Let’s go to the park and play.”  Another flash of a young boy pulling his wagon up to me, “Gas please, Mommy.”  Another flashback of Legos.  A large star-ship has been assembles.  “Mom, look at my secret escape pod.”

More flashbacks of Wes growing:

  • Swimming lessons
  • Training Wheels
  • Wiffle ball
  • Chess tournament
  • Braces

The list goes on and on.  I shake my head to see clearly the reality scene in front of me – no toddler; instead a tall teenager.  Whether Wes is a toddler, a teenager, or a grown man, I will love him forever!