Slice of Life: Swimming Pools

March 19, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how a swimming pool is so inviting for a child.  “Where’s my trunks?” Tim asks.  He is ready for a water adventure.  I smile.  Tim is our youngest of three.  Tim takes life in stride.  Unlike his siblings, Tim is quiet and even-tempered.  This weekend, he gets to be with my husband and I at a hotel – no brother, no sister.  The suggestion of this trip brought the excitement out of him.  “Yessss!” Tim exclaimed.

So I sit here by the pool watching Tim play a pretend football game.  He quarterback throws the football into the ring and scores.  Playing the radio announcer, Tim projects a play-by-play, scoring the hero point.  “And the crowd goes wild – Ahhhhh!” he says waving his hands in the air.

A joy of childhood is penned as a slice to remember.