Slice of Life: Kindergarten Round Up

March 26, 2010

Yesterday and today I was involved in Kindergarten Round-up.  Our incoming kindergarterners go through some formative activities to help the teachers have a better understanding of the child.  We introduced this style of Kinder Round-up last year and found the information to be very helpful.  Students needing immediate intervention where able to receive that within the first week of school.  Students identified as high ability were able to be provided with higher level activities.  Our speech and language pathologist was able to project some possible students for the fall.  Parents received important information from our principal.  They were able to view a video of activities their child would be involved in for the coming year.

My role – I’m the “holding pen” supervisor.  Everyone chuckled when I stated that, but the preschool room provided activities for the children waiting their turn.  Each one rotated through the stations.  It was rather animated watching fourteen children share, pretend, and interact with each other.  I survived.  My body is tired and I seem to be on neutral with my thinking.  The energy of young children – their amazing.

All day I had my notebook, jotting down little comments the children said or I observed.    One bright, verbal,  little girl, soon to be five, said, “I have been waiting for this day my entire life.”  Her eyes were wide with anticipation and sincerity.  We chuckled.  Below I have tried to summarize the Kindergarten Round-Up with a simple poem.

Kindergarten Round-Up

10 volunteers to help with transporting the children from one station to another

9 testers, including our school psychologist, to administer the informative activities

8 animal crackers as a snack

7 stations for the preschoolers to rotate through

6 times 10 (that’s 60) preschoolers attending the round-up

5 sessions offered in the two days, including an evening session

4 rooms for the round-up to be successful

3 Kinder teachers leading the way

2 hour sessions allotted  for each child

1 Holding Pen, where they play.