Slice of Life: Baseball Morning

Sleeping in seems to be a lost art for me.  My internal clock triggered me awake at my normal school-time this morning.  Our oldest has his first baseball game today, so he was readying for the game.  Even though W is able to dress himself, I was up making breakfast, double checking that he had everything he needed for the day.  W had prepared last night, equipment packed and uniform laid out.  I guess my motherly instinct nudges me to care.

Now I have some quiet time as the others sleep.  I inhale a long breath, savoring the peace.  These few quiet moments spread a calm before the active day.  I’ll read, reflect, plan, and then begin.  Today is going to be a smiling day.

2 Responses to Slice of Life: Baseball Morning

  1. mag says:

    I love Saturday too. Baseball, already?

  2. blkdrama says:

    I remember when sleeping was sleeping. Now sleeping is a challenge. Too much of life’s activities gets in the way of sleeping. Sounds like that’s the same for you,

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