SOL: April Fool’s Day

I had a fun experience today at school.  One cook, S, and our day custodian, M, play friendly pranks on each other.  In February, S asked me to join in the fun on M’s birthday.  On the morning announcements, I asked the students to wish M a happy 51st birthday.  Now, M is in his early fortys, and keeps to himself.  Last year, I had made the same announcement, except that he was 50 then.

When I saw M in the hallway, I was timid and stated that it wasn’t my idea.  “Oh, don’t worry.  I know it was S,”  M said, smiling.  “The only thing is that we had made a truce this year.  I was going to do something to her on her birthday, but didn’t because of our pact.  Now it’s too late.  Her birthday is six days before mine.”

We continued walking down the hallway when a thought hit me.  “M, April 1 is coming.  You could announce that it’s her 50th birthday then.”

M beamed.  “Great idea.  Will you do it?” How could I say no?

M added, “And you can say, ‘April Fools, she’s really 55!”  We laughed.

The month went by and M didn’t mention the prank at all.  I thought he had forgotten about it, until he stuck his head in my room on Wednesday and said, “Now you are going to make the announcement aren’t you?”  I laughed.  “Okay.”

This morning, I got on the PA and wished S a happy 45th birthday and encouraged all the children to mention it when they saw S going through the lunch line.  I then added, “April Fools – she’s really 50.”  (I had to say 50; I didn’t want S to be too mad.) I heard laughter spread in the office.

Later in the morning, S sent me an email, “You traitor.  You belong to the dark side now….watch your back.”

I replied, “S, I love you both.  I couldn’t help it.”

S replied, “Ok.  I must admit, that was a good one.”

April Fools Day – a crazy, pranking day for children…and adults alike.

2 Responses to SOL: April Fool’s Day

  1. Bonnie K says:

    With all the stress and pressure on teachers how wonderful that you can have some fun and include the kids.
    Yes, we Can!

  2. Ruth says:

    Fun! I’m glad you get to work in a school where humor is still encouraged. Thanks for sharing this light-hearted slice. 🙂

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