The Christmas Sweater

Brandon Dorman creates such warm paintings through his illustrations in A Christmas Sweater: the Picture Book by Glen Beck.  Children will wonder if grandpa is Santa Claus.  The illustrations of his white beard and the red fluffy hat plus the events shared make you think he is.

Like other children during this holiday season, Eddie is anxious for a special gift.  He has his heart set o a new bicycle.  Grandpa shares a secret with Eddie, after he snooped around looking at the presents. Grandpa has bad and good news – no bike, but a Christmas sweater.  Grandpa explains that a Christmas sweater can be so much more than Eddie could imagine.

Eddie is not thrilled.  He closes his eyes; when he opens them, Eddie finds himself in a different snowy setting.  A single gift awaits him.  “What your heart needs most,” the tag says.  Eddie is whisked away to fun adventures – sledding with dad and baking with mom.  Eddie learns that a family’s love is so much more than a gift.  A family love brings magic to your life.

Savorings for reading and in writing for A Christmas Sweater: a Picture Book:

  • Wondering
  • Setting
  • Realistic Happenings
  • Transitions – whisked from one scene to the next
  • Ellipses

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