Mrs. C

January 4, 2011

Due to a change in my position and personnel here at PES, my life has been bombarded with negativity.  I realized yesterday that I have to change my focus.  My sluggish and tired body mirrors my inner spirit.  I’m tired.  I’m tired of swimming through this negative hora that has been cast.


I decided to look for positives.  I’m normally a bucket-filling person who loves to laugh.  I enjoy making others feel good.  I seek joy.

My ears were attuned today as the first graders came out of the lunch room.  They battle being quiet going to the hallway, a procedure enforced.  Yet, my ears were attuned to the positivity coming from Mrs. C.  She amazed me with her control – all through positive comments.  “Issac, you are walking so quietly.  I know you can lead this class down the hallway.”  “Wow, look at Shane.  He is ready to go.”  “Remember you marshmallows as you go down the hall.  I know that Mrs. F will be so proud of you.”  And the little squirmy, talkative, in-their-own-world children were quiet.  They walked down and the praises followed. Wow.  What an uplifting moment!!