The Snowman’s Path

Helena Pittman created an adventurous tale of a friendship between a boy and a snowman.  Children can have  active imaginations.  Nathan’s imagination creates something extraordinary out of the ordinary.  A snowman appears and Nathan watches.  The snowman engages in child-like frolic, playing in the snow.  Nathan ventures out to watch.  Illustrator Rau’l Colo’n (illustrated My Mama Had a Dancin’ Heart)uses his exquisite pictures to add tension and feeling to the special narrative.

One night Nathan is brave and introduces himself.  Sharing cookies, they swap stories.  Each night their friendship grows.  Even with their closeness, Nathan realizes Sky, the snowman, needs someone; he seems lonely.  Nathan builds a female snow lade, and the two glow together.  A touching story of true friendship.

Savorings for reading and in writing from The Snowman’s Path:

  • Similes – “tumble down snowbanks, moving like an acrobat
  • Everyday happenings with imagination – playing in the backyard, “dug in the alley’s potholes for pirate treasure
  • Personification – “The wind sighed past the trees...”
  • Tension – “made my heart beat fast.  Suddenly...”
  • Passage of Time

One Response to The Snowman’s Path

  1. the other ruth says:

    MH–this sounds like a winner! So glad to see you active again in the blog world and look forward to using your posts to help update my book wish list. 🙂

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