My Writing Group

February 2, 2011

Thanks to my dear friend, Ruth Ayres of TwoWritingTeachers, writing has become a necessity again.  We have shared ideas over many miles of traveling together to meetings.  Reflection has been so helpful.  I can process with a friend who shares the same beliefs and extend my thinking just by talking.  So many times as Ruth would be talking or I would be sharing, a ‘awe haw’ moment would happen.

Now, thanks to my other dear friends: Tammy, Tam, and Ruth, my writing is being spurred on.  I have an accountability with encouragement.  Even when time elapses between posting, my writing group gives me energy and support to keep going – through the tough spots.  I’m the hardest on myself, so it’s great to receive feedback within my trusted group.

It’s a snowy morning again and my first thought was “I have to write.”  I need to get another book posted and finish my letter.  I’m glad for these mornings with extra time to think and write.  But more so, I’m glad for my writing group.  I can hear their cheers and questions, and laughs and comments.