Museum Trip

February 7, 2011
Cover Image

Illustrators have a unique gift they give readers – a prelude to the story.  Sometimes the prelude shares a character trait.  Sometimes it paints the setting scene, and sometimes it’s foreshadowing the main idea.

Barbara Lehman, author of Red Book,  introduces her male character on the title page.  I will name him Joe.  Joe is facing you, smiling, as if inviting us on his journey.  His innocent , sweet smile made me wonder what Barbara had in store.  Looking more closely at the illustration, I notice that one of Joe’s shoe laces is untied.  I began to wonder:  is this a clue?

Museum Trip is a wordless book that makes the reader speculate and predict.  For young children, this book has depth in comprehension.  The reader gets to see into Joe’s imagination.  He journeys into the exhibits he sees.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Museum Trip:

  • Wondering – will Joe reconnect with his group?
  • Everyday happenings – field trip; getting lost
  • Prediction
  • Story elements – children in all grade levels can share their “story” from the illustrative version.  You can teach just one aspect of detail or add-on to create a whole narrative
  • Inferring character traits